Great selection of parts for machinery and test equipment.

Our core business is to provide Testing Solutions for a number of
applications based on international standards (
SPECS) or based on
customized tests prepared by customers.

On top of that, we accommodated demos for our customers as
well testing services for customers that would like to develop or
certify their products.

When selecting equipment to meet customers' testing
requirements, we define Certified Test Equipment that has been
recently calibrated, with all measured parameters of temperature
and Pressure transducers meeting minimum standard during test.

We also work with Certiified Labs (for instance A2LA, or other
certifications) as well organizations providing test and certifications
for customers products.
Orders are fulfilled in accordance with customer's request and only
with Original Parts. Our Quality System ensures when material is
received in our inventory, it is thoroughly inspected and verified to
guarantee accuracy. Priority Orders are immediately packed and
dispatched. Storage space is available for distribution of finished
product or material for production.

We acquire material specified by our customer, or we identify the
best source based on our customer’s requirement. The
International Procurement
is a Global Sourcing provider with
benchmarks and cross reference analyses to acquire the best-in-
class product at affordable prices. Our Supply Chain counts with
broad vendors and efficient management system providing a
customized superb service.

Our structure has flexible warehousing, with shipment
consolidation, and it is capable of
Pick-Pack-Process orders with
accurate and proved inventory tracking system. It also has
capability to
Management-by-Exception for immediate response
and fast re-route. Our
TQS - Total Quality System ensures high
rates of order fulfillment, delivery accuracy, quick response-time
and reduced overall costs of your existent supply chain.

HAIDAR, Inc. work close with appraisers in preparartion of
Certificate of Appraisal and Survey that meets financing
institutions, government authorities, or any other valuation
requirement that you may need. Following professional
Appraisal Practices
, the report clearly demonstrated a concise
FMV or Book Value of machinery, system, accessories, individual
part, or full production line. Our objective is to provide a report
with required level of detail to support our customer's decision.
We are committed to provide an independent and objective
report with an unbiased estimated valuation to serve as a
backbone of your transaction.

We monitor our customers Order Fulfillment from the first stage,
throughout the
Logistic process until safely delivery to our
customer's site. We manage our customers' order providing a
broad vision, accurate target dates, using our quality system.
During all phases of the process our
Performance Measurement
determines any possible corrections and improvements
required to meet or exceed our target.

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