BI702 SL IMPULSE TEST STAND with Sliding Manifold
The Model BI702 SL deliverers 700 bar (10,150 psi) of Impulse
pressure, Max (Fluid) Temp 150° C (302° F), at test frequency
ranging from .05 to 1.5 Hz. The Waveform generated by the
system is in accordance with:
· Square Waveform: SAE J343 (& SAE J517), ISO 6803,
ISO 6605, ISO 7241-2
· Peak Waveform: ISO 6772
· Programmable waveform up to 20 points: Time ON/OFF
The Sliding Manifold feature meets ISO 6802

This is one of the most largely used Impulse Test Stand. It has
programmable Square Wave form and Pressure Impulse that
meets DIN, SAE J343, ISO6803 and other specifications. Max
Test Pressure of 1,000 Bar (~14,500 psi), Max Oil Temp 130°C
(266°F) and frequency of pulse equal to 1HZ. Click on the
picture to download a pdf file with general SPECS for BI1001
Impulse Test Stand. SAEJ3434 (& SAE J517), ISO 6605,
ISO 7241-2

BI1002 - IMPULSE TEST STAND - Peak Wave Form
This is another largely used testing system that generates a
Square Wave plus the capacity to run (Hitachi) Spike wave. The
programmable wave form has up to 20 different Programmable
points of Pressure Impulse that meets: ARP603 & ARP1383;
prEN2624, Mil-A-5503E; ISO 6772 and others norms. Also runs
squrarewave per SAE J343 (& SAEJ517), ISO 6605, ISO 7241-2.
Max Test Pressure of 1,000 Bar (~14,500 psi), Max Oil Temp 150°
C(302°F) and frequency of pulse ranging from: 0.5Hz to 1.5Hz
The Sliding Manifold is an optional that meets ISO6802, simulating
horizontal flexing movement. The Adjusting Shaft optional device  
makes very easy the task to setup and changeover quickly going   
from one test to the next using different length of hoses. Click
on the picture to download a pdf file with general SPECS for
BI1002 Impulse Test Stand.

BI602AER – A combined Impulse Test Stand with one or two
independent Hot Chambers for Environmental testing.
One or the two chambers operate with test temperature of 135°
C (275°F). The Impulse Pressure Cycle is programmable as Peak,
Square Waveform or a combination of both with alternate
phases. Max Oil Temp is 135°C. The equipment alos runs
SAE J343 (SAEJ343 & SAEJ517)

BIR800 – TEST STAND with Half OMEGA TEST - Rotation
Equipment designed to TEST flexible hydraulic rubber hoses. It
can run flexing and rotating testing up to 20 Programmable
wave points in accordance to the following norms:
Square Impulse Wave per SAEJ343 and ISO6803;
Impulses with peak per ISO 6772;
Impulse and flexing Test per ISO8032 (Half-Omega test);
Impulse and flexing Test per SAEJ1405 (Omega test).
Click on the picture to download pdf file with general Specs for
BIR800 Test Stand.

BIMAL s.r.l testing Systems can be employed in a variety
of hydraulic components such Flexible and Rigid hoses,
Fittings, Valves, quick-release Couplings and many more
including Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial applications.

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Impulse with 12 hoses at time
Impulse for SAE J1405 Flexing rotation Omega half-omega test
Impulse Test Stand ISO 6803 SAE J343
Impulse Test Stand SAE J343
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Impulse test stand with climatic chamber