for Hoses and Fittings

BIMAL is breaking new grounds!

Besides expanding its manufacturing facilities to meet current and
future customer's increased demand,
BIMAL is introducing new
equipment, concept and technology to its already award-winning
line of testers.

The new family of Burst Test Stand works
with controlled pressure ramp and controlled
time. To burst test hoses and obtain accurate
and quality results, testers with aiir-driven
pumps technology are no longer an option.

Top quality manufacturers and dsitributors use
controlled ramp and controlled time to achieve
accurate measurement and meet international
standards. The equipment design provides an
secure work place for operators. Beside the
usual burst test equipment for hoses with
assembled terminals, there is alos another model that test hoses
configured without terminals. The equipment tests only the
rubber material, idal for developing new compounds and wires.
Avaibale in Pressure configuration up to 75,000 psi.

Our static Proof Test and Cleaning does two
functions at once: it Proof tests and also Flushes
the hose assemblies. The equipment is designed
to proof test hoses from 580 and 12,328 psi
and, at the end of cycle, it runs a high
performance flushing. Hydraulic fluid could be
used, but to obtain better cleanness level we
recommend using low viscosity fluids. It will
deliver proof tested hoses with outstanding
cleaning level that will impress your most
demanding customer.

The most flexible and affordable way to run Impulse tests with
Static or Dynamic manifolds. This machine is capable to run
impulse test pressure up to 10,000 psi in accordance with:
-   SAE J3434 (& SAE J517) ISO6803 square wave
-    SAE ISO 6605, ISO 7241-2
-   ISO6772 for Peak waveform
-   ISO8032 (half omega) Flexing
-   SAEJ1405 & ISO 6802 Flexing
-   Customized waveform up to 20 pressure points

The end-result is a user-friendly, easy programming, low noise,
low energy consumption, lowest cost of ownership test stand
that delivers outstanding results. Over 800 test stands installed
around the world, it gives our R&D department a comprehensive
benchmark to delivery award-winning products to our customers.

The lowest COST-OF-OWNERSHIP equipment available on the

IMPULSE TEST STAND avaialble for immediate delivery.

Test Stands for Hose, Fitting, Filter,
Actuators, Cylinders, Motor, Pump  and other
Hydraulic components.

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Impulse Test Stand with Static manifold

BI1001, BI701, BI401 for applications requiring SAE J343 and ISO
6803, ISO 6605, ISO 7241-2

BI1002, BI702 for applications requiring ISO 6772 and any
customized waveform

BI703 BI703 Flex- To test hoses up to 3 inches
Impulse test stand with dynamic manifold
Horizontal sliding manifold for ISO 6802 and UL1405
Rotations and flexing manifold (omega/half-omega) SAE J1405
To test hoses used in Over-the-Sheave applications
Impulse test stand with Climatic Chamber for Aerospace

BI602 AERO – Chamber temperature from room temp to 275

BI602 AERO Clima – Chamber temperature from -65 to 275
Impulse test stand for oceanic applications

BI1503 - To test umbilical hoses used in offshore applications up
to 21,700 psi


Burst with length variation

BPS40C Burst Pressure test up to 56,000 psi

BPS50C Burst Pressure test up to 72,500 psi

Water Burst of hoses without fittings with controlled Ramp up
Pressure and time

BPS20W for Burst of hoses without fittings up to 1-1/4”

BPS23W for Burst test of hoses without fittings up to 2 inches

BPS50 C/W Burst for oceanic umbilical applications with pressure
up to 72,500 psi
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Hydraulic Test Stand - Water Burst
Hydralic test stand - Proof Test
Hydarulic test stand - Impulse up to 3
Hydraulic test stand - Impulse with Climatic Chamber
Hydarulic test stand - Impulse with Flexing and Rotation