Hydraulic Test Stands for Proportional, Solenoid,
Directional,  Cartridge, Cetop and other valves.  

BIMAL s.r.l has an extensive experience designing and
building high quality Standard or Customized Test Stands!
The TEST STANDS can be fully Automated or Semi-Automated
depending on your process.  

BIMAL s.r.l Testing Systems can be employed in a variety
of hydraulic applications such: Pressure & Flow Control
Valves, Cartridge Valves, Loader Valves, Relief Valves,
Transmission Control, Priority Valves, Auxiliary Valves,
Proportional valves, Directional Control valves, and many
more components employed in Aerospace, Automotive,
Construction and Minning Equipment and other Industrial

Hydraulic test stand for Proportional, Solenoid,
Cartridge  valve
BIMAL s.r.l
offers complete line of TEST STANDS for valves.
These can be standard or fully customized test stand to
attend your production or performance lab requirements.
The test stands can also be developed fully automated or
manually fed. Any product today counts with more than 30
years experience designing and manufacturing Test Stands
for a variety of test.

Model BV80/A, a hydraulic Test Stand designed for testing
solenoid, proportional, Directional, Cartridge, Cetop, and
other valves. The hydraulic plant allows the operator to
perform the following tests:
•        Flow test
•        Set relief valve
•        Direct leakage measure spools
•        Check Valve with pressure in tank-line.

Model BPV1 Hydraulic test stand designed for production
accceptance of hydraulic valves. The test cycle is semi-
automatic and fully controlled by a PLC. The Operator has to
load and unload the component under test and to perform
calibration, if necessary. It also can run a proof test, correct
functioning. It also can accommodate customized mechanisms
for a quick connection on valves such:

•        Over Center Single Actuator or Double
•        Relief Valves
•        Single or Dual Pilot Operated Check Valves.

It can delivery a max pressure of 400 bar and Maximum flow
rate of 5.8 lts./min. The oil reservoir has capacity of 100lt and
the TEST STAND off line circuit with an air/oil exchanger
provides filtration and temperature for the liquid. Ability to set
up to 99 programmed cycles with 5 pressure transducers
0/600 bar accuracy 0.25% with digital display and 1 thermo
resistor PT100 with digital display.

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Hydraulic Test Stand are designed for lab or production to test
Solenoid, Proportional, Directional, Cartridge, Cetop, and other
valves used in Aerospace or other applications.
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