Joint Strike Fighter program         F35 Lightning II

Joint Strike Fighter Program
F35 Lightning II

Before assembling a landing gear, flaps, actuators, filters, tubes, fittings, bellows,
micro-ball screws, gearboxes or any other components in an aircraft, the design
of each part has to be exhaustively tested to guarantee it will endure any
possible flight's situation.

A jet Fighter always sustains tougher flying circumstances either during a
customary training or in special missions. For a multirole aircraft, such the F 35
Lightning II (also known as JSF Joint Strike Fighter Program) these conditions are
usually severe with multiplied complexity.

Among many other features, the communality of F 35 Join Strike Fighter makes
this jet a very successful flying apparatus among all branche of the army forces as
well across countries that are part of this project. This program allows for quick
recovery of aircrafts reducing its downtime to a minimum during maintenance
regardless which region they are located.

We are proud to be part of this program
providing stare-of-art testing solutions,
simulating various conditions during flight on
controlled environment. Our systems allow
to perform several hydraulic functions in
diffrent ranges of temperature varying from
negative to positive. Our solutions submit
F 35 Join Strike Fighter's components
under test to realistic hydraulic pressure and temperature situations which
empowers engineers to test and stress their concepts to the limit verifying its
behavior and response in safe environment.

With expansion of the JSF Program it is more likely that you will see a F35 high
up in the sky over USA and participant countries such United Kingdom, Italy,
Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway or in a mission in any
other place in the world.

Before going into production, vital parts of this aircraft were fully tested, certified
and approved in one of the test stands shown here and we are very proud of it!

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The Multi-country and across forces Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
Program is also known as:

       - F-35B Lightning II Stealth Fighter

       - STOVL Short takeoff/vertical landing

       - VTOL                                        - TOVL
Check below to see video of first landing at USS WASP: