IFPE 2008 Las Vegas, NV     March 11-15, 2005

Thank you! To all participants who visited our booth at the IFPE 2008 Show in
Las Vegas, Nevada making it a successful event.

At our booth, visitors had the opportunity to experience first hand, the Powerful
Solution of  a TEST STAND manufactured by
Bimal s.r.l.
The BI1001 Impulse Test Equipment for Flexible & Rigid hoses, fittings,
couplings, valves, actuators, filters, and a number of hydraulics components
employed by Aerospace, Automotive, Hydraulic and Mechanical industries.
This Impulse Test equipment is designed to run SAE Square Waveform with max
Pressure of 14,500 PSI; max Temperature of 302 F at pulse of 1 Hz.

Besides the equipment highly acclaimed performance, another characteristic that
was largely applauded by our customers is its low-noise operation which definitely
ranks this model by far, the best in its class. We were running the machine
throughout the day and the consistent operation did not interfere a bit with any
of the adjacent exhibitors. They carried on their conversations standing less than
10 feet from the equipment. It is a confirmation of a well engineered product.

Thanks to its design and safety standards we operated the equipment everyday
at the trade show environment. All safety guards and protection devices in place
make this small foot-print equipment a world-class product with the easiest,
cleanest, and safest standards.   

BIMAL s.r.l is continuously searching for new solutions and new technologies.
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to see the other available equipment

Validate your Products to a Higher Standard. We raised the bar!

If you missed the opportunity to see the
BI1001 working at the show, we have it
available in our office located northwest of
Chicago. To do further evaluation simply
give us call and we will be very glad to
set up your private appointment.

See you at the next IFPE Show in 2011

More info to come soon IFPE2011