ADMA 3.0: Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer
with 1000Hz

A new generation of ADMA GPS/Inertial
system for measuring the vehicle dynamics
with an output rate of 1000 Hz

The ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion
Analyzer) strapdown gyro platform was
developed especially for vehicle dynamics testing.

Using the ADMA, all dynamic
movements of a vehicle such as acceleration,
speed, position, angular rates and angle of the
vehicle can be tracked with maximum accuracy.
The new generation of devices is the systematic
enhancement of ADMA with new features.

New features
* Data output rate up to 1000 Hz
* Data latency < 1 ms
* Retransmission of GPS-correction data via
Ethernet for multiple vehicle operation
* Calculation of relative data (e.g. distance) via WiFi
in real-time for multiple vehicle operation
* Configuration now also possible via Ethernet
* Data output via 5 CAN interfaces and via Ethernet
* GPS synchronous DAQ synchronisation signal with
high clock rate
* 6 analog inputs for recording analog signals
* Acquisition of external sensors via CAN-Bus
* GPS raw data output via Ethernet interface
* Interface for Indoor-GPS
* Dual GPS antenna option
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