Compressed Natural Gas CNG Hose

The next big wave in hose manufacturing is Compressed Natural
Gas, CNG hose and fittings that will be incorporated in vehicles,
filling stations and other applications.

Postal vehicles, Garbage trucks, Transit and School buses, delivery
trucks, Mining and Construction equipment are great candidates
for CNG hoses and would greatly benefit from its advantages.

The U.S. fleet of passenger’s vehicles is slowly gaining traction
with Natural Gas powered vehicles or NGV. A recent unveiling of
massive natural-gas reserve in the U.S. territory may well change
this scenario. The CNG is a natural gas under pressure which
remains clear, odorless, and non-corrosive, and it can be used in
its gaseous form compressed above 3,100 psi.

A typical application for CNG Hose and fittings include on-board
NGV fleet, in dispensing and refueling stations, fuel transfer, and
even a refueling dispensary at home.

A CNG hose is usually constructed with electrically conductive
nylon core in order to dissipate static build up. A CNG hose has to
be certified in accordance with CSA and other specifications.
Among many tests, the impulse test would estimate how many
cycles the hose will last. One of the most commom , the impulse
will have to be performed for certification. To pas an impulse test,
the CNG hose will have to withstand a certain number of pressure
cycles as well to endure environmental temperature variations
from negative to positive. If no burst or leakages are present at
the end of the cycling period the hose passed the impulse test
and is now certified and ready to be assembled.
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Impulse Test with climatic Chamber
Impulse Test with climatic Chamber