Testing Show 2013

The 2013 TESTING SHOW at Sheraton WTC in São Paulo, Brazil
was paramount to meet new customers and great opportunity to
show advanced testing methodologies.

Brazil is an active developer of new engines due to fact that vast majority of car
fleet in the country use alternative fuel. Brazil is considered to have the world's
first sustainable biofuels economy and it is a biofuel industry leader. (See
"Curiosity Corner" at the end).

Manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, Truck, tractor and airplanes had opportunity
to visit our booth and see the most significant advances on the following area:

-                Autopilot Robots for Motorcycles  
The SMC robot sitting on the MV Agusta F4 motorcycle caught everyone’s
attention. The visitors could see how easy was to assembly and disassembly for
each individual products. We also displayed other robots for cars, truck and

-                Autonomous robot for a variety of tests   
The Autonomous Robot for proving ground was another product that had quite
a lot of attention and we had opportunity to talk with customers that are already
currently using and the other that have intentions to acquire one. The
Autonomous Robot was highly praised by customers because their internal study
shows that it has reduced to minimum the variable introduced to the test by a
test pilot.

-                Gyroscope/ GPS System ADMA 3.0
The ADMA 3.0 is combined system to be used in many applications on proving
grounds with a variety of applications. For instance they are largely for testes of:  
Accident Prevent System, Automatic braking device, Steering Robot Guidance
and so many others.

-                Test Stands for Automotive Components
There were a comprehensive number of visitors interested on the latest
information about Steering Unit Test Stands, Front Axle test, EOL Transmission,
Tubes & Hoses, valves, filters, cylinders and other components.

-                Morphee 2.0
A great software solution to manage your test beds that together with  colecotr
can have all sorts of nalaog readings such temperatures, pressure,  


During mid-1970 Ethanol from sugar cane became a feasible alternative to the
relentless rising prices of petroleum-derived, gasoline. Since that time, Brazil
became a devoted developer of engines with alternative fuel and today’s vast
majority of the car's fleet circualting in the country use Flex fuel. Brazil is
considered by some to have the world's first sustainable biofuels economy and is
the biofuel industry leader.

An efficient agricultural technology for sugarcane cultivation that engages
modern equipment combined with cheap sugar cane as feedstock for alternative
fuel made this perfect environment for an escalating growth. The residual cane-
waste (bagasse) is used to produce heat and power, which results in a very
competitive price and also in a high energy balance (output energy/input energy),

The U.S. EPA designated Brazilian sugarcane ethanol program as an advanced
biofuel due to its 61% reduction of total life cycle greenhouse gas emissions,
including direct indirect land use change emissions. For consumers, besides cost
reduction per mile driven, in flexible fuel car which is more than 87% of the car
fleet, the driver chooses to replenish his tank either with gasoline or ethanol
whatever is available.

Ethanol is usually the most economical choice and at same benefits the
environment. Besides this clear choices, for drivers it is better thrill when filled
with Ethanol due the fact that alcohol is more volatile than gasoline what makes
the vehicle to react promptly and respond faster to acceleration.
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